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Awarding of Alternative Credit

Taft College welcomes students from a variety of backgrounds and learning experiences. Often students come to us with a firm grounding in many of the disciplines we teach. We recognize their learning by accepting a wide range of Alternative Credits, which measures their mastery of college-level introductory course content. Students meeting the credit-granting score standard will earn the credit in accordance with the established Taft College policies.

Once students have earned 12 units at Taft College, they may opt to receive non-repeating disciplines of Advance Placement (AP), Credit by Exam, CLEP, International Baccalaureate (IB), DANTES, or Military Credit on their Taft College transcript for the purpose of earning an award.

A maximum of 30 semester units in any combination of Alternative Credit from the list above can be used towards a degree.

Units granted through any Alternative Credits does not apply towards residence requirements for graduation or for enrollment verifications.