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Unit Value and Student Load

Unit Value

A conventional college unit of credit represents three hours of the student’s time each week for one semester; one hour in scheduled classroom lecture or discussion and two hours in outside preparation. For laboratory classes, the college unit normally represents three hours of work in the lab or in comparable experience under classroom supervision. Unit value may differ in certain courses where field experience is involved.

Student Load

The class load for a typical student at Taft College is 14-16 units. Students who wish to take more than 19 units will be required to file a Petition for Overload Request and obtain approval from their counselor or advisor and approval from the Dean of Student Success within three days of their registration. Denied petitions for overload may be appealed to the Vice President of Student Services and presented to the Academic Policies and Procedures Committee for reconsideration.

Classification of Students

  • Freshman: a student who has earned fewer than 30 units.
  • Sophomore: a student who has earned 30 or more units but fewer than 60 units, or has completed 60 units but does not hold a degree.
  • Graduate: a student who has been awarded the Associate Degree or a higher degree.
  • Full-time: a student enrolled in 12 or more units however a student with documented disabilities may qualify as full-time with a reduced load.
  • Part-time: a student enrolled in fewer than 12 units.
  • Regular: a student who has completed all admission and matriculation forms, has completed the assessment process, and has a high school and/or collegiate transcript on file.
  • Provisional: a student who is a non-high school graduate or had a high school grade point average below 2.0 may have the kinds of courses prescribed and limits placed on the number of units in which he/she may enroll.
  • Special (Admit) Part-Time Student: a student currently attending high school and who desires to enroll for college credit.

Minimum Load

  • The college does not specify a minimum load except when the student desires to meet requirements such as:
  • Certification to the Department of Health and Human Services that the student is attending full-time (12 or more units a semester with an average of 24 units a year).
  • The load requirement for Chapter 30, 32, 33 and 1606 (Veterans), Federal Veteran Education Act, and for Chapter 35 (Dependents Educational Assistance) is 12 units per semester for full-time status, 9 -11 1/2 units per semester for three-fourths time, and 6-8 1/2 units for one-half time. Work experience units do not apply towards load requirement.
  • Full-time load requirement to maintain status as an “F-1” visa (international) student is 12 or more units per semester.
  • Eligibility to participate in intercollegiate athletics which requires passing 24 or more units between the seasons of the sport to be eligible for a second season. Other eligibility requirements are available from the Director of Athletics or Vice President of Student Services.