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IES 2000 Occupational Safety & Health Capstone

This final course is designed to be the culminating project to a specific field of study such as Occupational Safety & Health and Energy Technology. Professional and employment related situations and projects will be explored through a variety of learning methods to include simulations, case studies, scenarios, individual research papers, projects, internships, portfolios and presentations necessary for success in an Industrial Technology setting. Projects will be based on need and/or interest related to the discipline or profession and agreed upon between the instructor and the student. Transfer Credit: CSU.


3.00 Credits(s)


Prerequisite: Completion of all other required courses in the Occupational Safety and Health program. Must be in appropriate standing and in final semester of the Associate Degree Program;


Applied Technologies


Advisory: Eligibility for ENGL 1500 and MATH 1060 strongly recommended; 48 Hours Lecture