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Adjunct Faculty

 Abernathy, Cathy - Political Science
Agundez, Adrian - Computer Science
Aycock, Bette - Dental Hygiene
Balestino, Theodore - Welding
Bowman, Leana - Business and Management
Batchelor, Gregg - Administration of Justice
Bledsoe, Adam - Economics  
Brennan, Sean - Geography
Brixey, Gabrielle - Management, Computer Science, Physical Education

Brown, Sharon - Early Care, Education, and Family Studies

Buchanan, Joseph - Health and Physical Education    
Burnham, Kyle - Music
Burroughs, Bruce - Head Women's Golf Coach, Physical Education
 Cable, April - English
 Cahoon, Nathan - Math
Clarke, George - Industrial Education Safety
Clemons, Reginald - Criminal Justice Administration
 Colaw, Rebecca - Psychology
Combs, Noelle - Political Science
Conners, April - Biology

Cook, Larry - Mathematics
Corlew, Devon - Management
Cottrell, Angela - Businesss
Cross, Vanessa - English and Humanities
Cunningham, John - Mathematics
Davis, Terry - Energy
Cutrona, Angelo - Head Men’s Soccer Coach, Physical Education
Cutrona, Myisha - Head Women’s Soccer Coach, Phyical Education
DeFreece, Christopher - Physical Education
Dimayuga, Anna - Art
Duncan, Brandon - History
Durkan, Brian - Physical Education
Echeverria, Amy - Drama

Enciso, Rigoberto - OSH

 Fariss, Jeff - EMT
Gardner, Gina - Dental Hygiene
Ferguson, Bruce - Health Education, Physical Education
 Golling, Leigh - Drama

Goodman, Daniel - Computer Science
Guitron, Anna - Spanish
 Hall, Daniel - Computer Science
Hall Silveira, Margaret - Early Care, Education and Family Studies  
Hanawalt, April - Sociology
Hickman, Ryan - Biology, English
Huddleston, Crystal - English
Jennings, Sandy Dental Hygiene

Jose, Marie - Sociology
 Kashani, Tony - Humanities
Khasky, Amy - Psychology
 Legge, Lena - Political Science
Leonzo, Hector Mathematics 

Lewis, Alex - Economics
Lindquist, Erica - Art History
Lohman, Benjamin - Communication, Journalism

Mansi, Gregory - History

McDaniel, Steven - Speech

Meyers, David - Statistics 
Montelongo, Maribel - Spanish

Payne, Aarron - Welding

Payne, Bryan - Welding

Raber, Tabitha - Administration of Justice
Reed, Nyoka - Art
Reed, Robert - Dental Hygiene 
Richards, Kristi - Counselor
Rients, Amy Early Care, Education and Family Studies
Romero, Amy - Early Care, Education and Family Studies
Rocha, Joshua - History
Rozar, Tanna - English
Ruff, Mandy - Business  
Schoneweis, Caroline - English, Speech
Sicari, Chad - Industrial Education Safety
Smith, Gaysha - Art, Art History
Smith, Marie - Information Competency and Biology 
Sorensen, Chad Physical Education

Stockton, Laura English
Sutherland, Tammy Mathematics

Sweson, Sonja - Art History, Humanities 

Taibjee, Sukena - Information Competency 
Teeters, Anna - Dental Hygiene
Turakhia, Mit - Engineering

Uribe, Kaylee - Physical Education  
Vallejo, Benigno - Biology and Health Education  
Van Ry, Veronica Sociology
VanSistine-Yost, Linda Information Competency 

Varela, Vivian - Sociology 
Vaughan, Julia - Dental Hygiene

Villa, Walter - Political Science
Wallace, Sara - English
Ware, Thomas - Geography
Waugh, Vicky - Physical Education
Webster, Kyle - Biology
Wessely, Jason - Administration of Justice

West, Linda - Computer Science    
White, Marisol Sociology 
Woodall, Natalie - Counseling       
Wymore, Dave - Administration of Justice