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Professor Emeriti

Bandy, Don 1979
Geography, Health Education, History
Bench, Patti 1989
 Bèrubè, Eric
 Institutional Development, Research and Planning Coordinator
Filoteo, Harriet 1997
Work Experience
 Graupman, Gary
 English, Speech
Hillygus, Dean 1997
Math, Science, Health Education
Johnson, Craig 1980
Life Sciences
Kuckreja, Karen 1997
Director of Counseling, Speech, Psychology
Lowrey, Jim 1995
Physics, Mathematics
Pease, Harold 1983
History, Political Science, Philosophy
Ross, Jeff 1976
Coordinator of Student Support Services
Swenson, Sonja 1989
Art, Humanities
 Vaughan, Susan
 Learning Disabilities Specialist
West, Linda 1999
Computer Science, Distance Learning Coordinator
Zumbro, Don 1996
Dean of Student Services