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Welding Technology


The program is designed to provide comprehensive occupational training in common types of welding methods as related to today’s welding industries. This program will provide students with manipulative skills and technical knowledge required to perform in a variety of entry to mid-level welding careers in manufacturing, petroleum, fabrication, and others. The courses and training will prepare students to take the necessary code tests required in several occupational fields for employment. The welding technology program offers five certificate options and an associate in science degree.

Program Learning Outcomes

After completing the Welding Technology degree, a student will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate proper safety practices when working in a welding environment.
  2. Demonstrate technical welding skills and knowledge sufficient to meet industry standards and perform various welding projects.
  3. Apply various hand, measuring, and layout tools to weld projects.
  4. Apply skills in reading and applied mathematics as related to welding.
  5. Demonstrate work attributes that contribute to personal success and contribute to the goals of an organization for which one is or will be employed.
  6. Pass industry code testing certifications required for employment based upon area of interest.